On the odd years, we put on a quilt show.  In the even years, we hold a quilt retreat.  The last 2 retreats were held at the Christian Retreat Conference Center in Bradenton.

Here are the handouts from our last retreat – January 2020:

Clip Holder Bracelet.  You can find a YouTube video here that shows how this is assembled.  Clip Holder handout.

Kitchen Towel Scarf.  There were several modifications to this pattern – please see Karen Barrie for details.   Kitchen Towel Scarf handout.

Reusable Grocery Bag.  The YouTube video demonstrating how to make these can be found here.  Search for the pattern on this page of the website, or find the direct link to the PDF pattern file here.

Felt Needle Holder.  Click here for the pattern we used to make the needle holder.  The directions are similar to what can be found on this webpage.

Hexagonal & Octagonal Bowls.  The free pattern for the bowls can be downloaded off this by web page.